Hovannes Kulhandjian
Hovannes Kulhandjian
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
College of Science and Mathematics
California State University, Fresno
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Exploring VR in Fundamentals of Electric Circuits

ECE90 Electric Circuits provides a foundation in the fundamental concepts of electrical engineering, including direct-current circuit analysis; circuit theorems; transient phenomena in RL and RC circuits, introduction to operational amplifiers, phasor concept; AC steady-state circuit analysis, sinusoidal steady-state response; power and RMS calculations in single-phase circuits etc. This course is taken mainly by ECE and ME students. The failure rate of the course is very high above 30%. The content of the course is very much heavily math involved and many students find it challenging to keep up with the content of the course. Students need new ways to be more engaged and interested in the course content. The VR experience provided students an alternative, immersive learning experience. The VR activity with Short Circuit VR was incorporated in designing and testing circuits virtually that were presented to them and making voltage and current measurements.